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When you’re ready for ceramic & porcelain tile

Your floors need a good floor covering and you’re looking for something with a bit more elegance than most. That’s where ceramic & porcelain can save the day. Not only will you get the style you’re looking for, but you’ll also get a functional flooring that has one of the longest lifespans you could possibly dream of. No matter what style preference you choose, you’ll find it in this flooring material. From minimal and all natural to eclectic and artistic, there’s something for everyone in tile.

The Flooring Gallery has been working for 10 years to make sure our customers are well cared for when it comes to their search for quality flooring. We offer a wide variety of floor coverings, and if we don’t have what you need, we will find it. What’s more, we seek to provide some of the most affordable prices as well. From our showroom in Pleasantville, NJ, we serve the areas of Longport, Linwood, Mays Landing, Somers Point, and Galloway. We invite you to come in for a visit, where you’ll find our dedication a haven and a pleasure in which to shop.

Ceramic & porcelain benefits in any room

The great thing about ceramic & porcelain tile flooring is that it can easily be adapted to any room in your home. In the bathroom, where it is usually thought the perfect fit, it works well because of its waterproof properties. With the proper grit glaze to prevent slipping, it can even be used inside the shower. What makes it even more appealing is the ability to use those same tiles in wall accents, for an added decor element that really speaks to your personality.

Still making use of the waterproof characteristics, placing ceramic & porcelain in foyers and kitchens is another great idea. The all natural look of porcelain can be installed to keep looks toned down a bit, or you can use the brightly colored ceramic tiles for a truly unique setting in either space.

The colors and characteristics of tile also allow it to be used with gorgeous effects in living rooms, bedrooms, and studies. Here, they can truly blend in with the decor, or even set it off. Floors that become a focal point are as much a part of the decor as any furniture piece or wall art. Creating intricate patterns or mosaics is just another way to solidify this fact.

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